Wade EldeanArtist Statement


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My son Ryan is a primary resource for the imagery and issues that permeate my art. My artwork contains representations and celebrations of the irresistible qualities, such as innovation, naiveté, love, instinct, and play that children appear to innately possess. In my artwork, these qualities are juxtaposed to hints of violence, compliance, stereotyping and other societal pressures placed by mass media and public interaction upon children as they develop.

Our children are precious. They need our presence, guidance, love, and insight; they survive on our nurturing. My artwork is a reflection and a pro-active commentary on these connections in contemporary society. My work, at its nexus, celebrates and reminds the viewer of the important role and relationship we have in society with our children. I urge the viewers to reexamine connections they have with the children in their lives.

Yarn as a Medium: Yarn paintings in Huichol culture, a Mexican Indian tribe, relay and create visual representations of personal and cultural beliefs. The yarn paintings represent visions of the tribe’s Shaman. The Shaman, through a peyotic trance, sees visions and insights into their culture and spirituality. The Shaman then will relay this information to the rest of the tribe. Some tribal members recreate visually, through yarn painting, the cultural values and beliefs that the Shaman described. I see the Artist as a Shaman in this way. For me, the yarn is a cultural storyteller, relaying my vision to others.