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The Following include evolving concepts and new projects that are in progress:


Research and Exhibition in Mexico: Funding and support provided through the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program and the Kansas City Artists Coalition

Project: One-month Residency in Ajijic, with research in Queretaro and Huichol Village, Mexico.

Description: A previous research visit to Ajijic, Mexico has distinctly shaped Wade Eldean’s artwork over the past 8 years. This month long return trip to Ajijic will give him the opportunity to share with those who had so greatly influenced his artistic direction. He will exhibit his art at the Ajijic Art Institute, travel to a remote Huichol village in the Sierra Madre Mountains, and participate in the “Day of the Dead” festivities. Eldean has arranged to work collaboratively with one of the regions leading muralists, Efren Gonzalez. Eldean also hopes to facilitate the visit of an Artist from Ajijic to Kansas City for an exhibit and presentation of their artwork.



Well, I'm in Ajijic and have been very busy preparing for the two person exhibit including my "Thinking about..." yarn portraits and Efren Gonzalez's recent collection titled "The Resurrection of the Lake" featuring oils, pastels, watercolors, and drawings.

For exercise, I'll be playing basketball with the Chapala city team as well as walking the cobblestone streets of this charming and friendly town.

The town is booming since my visit 8 years ago. An influx of U.S. and Canadian retirees and tourists have spurred the building and service industries. The biggest differences I see have been the increase in cars, storefronts in houses, and gringos lining the town streets. Also I have noticed that I see fewer children playing in the streets as I fondly remember. Instead, the more readily TV, movie theatre and rentals, gaming systems, and internet appears to be occupying more of the children's time (sound familiar)

There has been a good response to my artwork, especially those whom are familiar with the yarn paintings of the Huichol.


For Photo documentary of the Research Project CLICK HERE


For more information on the Huichol Culture and to purchase Huichol Artwork and Crafts go to: www.huicholcenter.org




The Balanced Attack: Fishing Lures and Related Ideas

The following are my studios interpretation of flies for salmon fishing on the Great Lakes. They are used trolling behind a fish catcher or dodger.



Below are the packaging labels for the fishing lures.




Photo Documentation of lure success is to come. Also be on the lookout for a "Balanced Attack" action video and its "behind the scenes" movie.



Mike Andy and Pop's Landscaping Service--The toy projects compare and many relationships within fine art, folk art, and yard work. They are envisioned as public artworks that will serve the community aesthetically, educationally, and intellectually.


One vision of this project is the complete landscaping of our suburban yard in happy meal toys.


Two examples of this on a smaller scale, appear below. The first is a gallery installation and the second was part of a community art project.