Wade EldeanPortfolio/Oeuvre:


The Wade Eldean Studio

2223 South Shore Drive

Macatawa, MI 49434

Phone: (616) 335-2753

Fax: (616) 335-5848

Email: wade@eldean.com



Below is a representation of my Oeuvre. I often work in a series related to a particular concept and medium. Click on the image to see more of that same series. The most recent works appear at the top and vice versa.



"A Family of Thinkers"

---What's on your mind?

"4 Moves for a Beach Ready Body"

---Does this swimsuit make my butt look big?

"Decision Making"

---Grey areas; hazy and blurred thinking; bright as day; black and white; and being hit over the head are just a few of the ways decisions present themselves to us

"Thigh and Butt Makeover Moves"

---Workout while you view this sixteen piece/step art series

"The Role Model Series: Pop Stars and Aliens"

---Take a closer look at the cultural influences in our lives.

4 inch x 4 inch, Portraits in Yarn

---Check the influence of my family and friends. These yarn paintings are in the Huichol Tradition.

Portrait Painting is Introduced to My Son's Drawings

---The brush strokes are symbolic of the yarn paintings and linear paintings of snowboarding float across the surface

"Trading Cards"

---Trade these small cement cards with all your friends!

"Just in Case": Easy to travel art. Mixed Media Sculptures with Neon

---Bring your artwork along when leaving for a while. Artwork gets lonely when you leave. Display it in your hotel room on vacations

Cement Constructions. Mixed Media Sculptures

---Going that extra dimension to serve you!

"Studio Recreations" Oil and Acrylic Paintings

---ahhh, life at the studio...

"Mexico Revisited" Oil and Acrylic Paintings

---Its time to revisit again, but in person this time. Its good to travel, meet new people, and learn about other cultures.

The Navigational Charts. Paintings and Assemblages

---An odd combination of a work experience captaining yachts and life at home parenting.