The boat shed is located at 2160 South Shore Drive. To view sketches of building location, power and water outlets, and doors, click HERE.

If using invitations you may want to use the name “Eldean Shipyard Boat Shed”. A map is available so that you may reproduce it and include it with your invitations.

· The boat shed is a very large facility and we would not recommend it for less than 100 people. The shed will hold up to 500 people. An approximate SCALE DRAWING of the shed is available to help in your planning. This shows where the electrical outlets and water are available throughout the building. Some boats are usually left in the building for events. These boats act as a room divider to allow the perfect amount of space for groups of any size. Also note the location of the entry door and large garage door.

· The building rental is $1500 + tax, and $25 per hour for the length of the party.
· The rental includes use of our "scissors" lift and a lift operator for 2 hours. This lift allows you to reach the ceiling for lighting and decorations. Additional lift time may be rented (with operator).
· You will also be responsible for hiring one party attendant from Eldean Shipyard. The attendant will supervise Parking, check bathrooms for paper products and cleanliness, lock up at night, offer assistance when needed, and make sure Eldean Shipyard Policies are being followed. If needed, additional attendants may be hired through Eldean Shipyard or provided by the Party Group.
· Eldean Shipyard has some tables and padded folding chairs available for rent
· A $500 deposit is due at the time the date is secured. We will not hold a date without a deposit. The balance of the rental fee is due 60 days prior to the scheduled date. If the event is cancelled less than 60 days before the event the payment will not be refunded (unless we are able to rebook the date).

The building will be swept and cleaned 2 days before the scheduled event – i.e. the building will be ready Thursday morning for a Saturday event. You may set-up from 8:00am to 5:00pm (set-up from 5pm to 9pm may be available, but at additional cost of $25/hr). You will need to notify your Eldean Shipyard contact of your exact plans so the building is open and the alarm system deactivated. During set-up, there will not be a staff person to assist you, unless you arrange for someone in advance. It is important that you get all your questions answered with your Eldean Shipyard contact. Set-up help/labor may be available at addtional cost.


A Shipyard Employee will be assigned to your party to supervise Parking, check bathrooms for paper products and cleanliness, offer assistance when needed, make sure Eldean Shipyard Policies are being followed, and lock up at night. They will remain on premises and checking in with you hourly beginning one hour before the scheduled event.

The building should be left in the same shape as you received it, including: the floor swept, garbage removed to dumpsters and your property and rented property removed. This should be completed by 5:00pm the day following the event.

Due to neighbors, our quiet hours begin at 11pm, so any loud music will need to conclude by 11pm. The event should end withall guests leaving by midnight. Doors will be locked by 12:30, no exceptions.

If liquor is served at a non-charity event it must be FREE to guests. That means NO CASH BARS for the event. No license is needed.

· If the liquor is sold at a charity event a 24-hour liquor license must be purchased through the Ottawa County Sheriffs Department.

If the liquor is provided free of charge to guests the party host must provide a certificate of insurance that the host homeowner’s policy will cover any liability.

· In the case of charitable events they can purchase a 1 or 2 day liquor liability package from most insurance companies. Eldean Shipyard will require this certificate of insurance.

There are 2 bathrooms, one for the women and one for the men. Each of them has only one stall. During the course of a party, especially with alcohol, guest will be using the facilities 2 to 4 times. We strongly recommend the use of porta potties. JONS TO GO 1-800-937-5667 and Plumber's Portable Toilet Service at 1-800-223-9563 are a few you might call.

· The Eldean Shipyard Party Attendant will try to monitor the cleanliness of the bathroom every 30 minutes. The Eldean Shipyard employee will show you where additional toilet paper and paper towels are kept so you to can make sure ample supplies are available. As the evening goes on, bathrooms become messy quickly.

The Eldean Shipyard Attendant will supervise Parking. Please have 1 to 3 people available to direct car parking when your guests arrive. The first shed to fill is the large shed directly next to the boat shed. The garage should be filled from the back to the front. Parking outside the shed on the south side is ok. Additional parking is available. This will help maximize your parking space and also it will help to insure that the Piper and the Marina still have spaces available for them.

There are several excellent catering groups in this area. You may choose any caterer as long as they have the proper insurance.

· Remember to clarify:
o No refrigeration
o No ice
o Water connections are located along the wall.

Eldean Shipyard has PADDED and Non-Padded Folding Chairs available for rental at $1.50 per Chair.

Eldean Shipyard has the following Tables Available for rent:

  Tables Quantity Rental Cost
  60 inch/5 feet tables Round
  6 foot Rectangle
  8 foot Rectangle
  36 inch round high top

· Taylor Rental and Alpine Events have similar prices.
· Remember to ask about set-up costs, i.e. each chair may be $.90 but the set-up fee per chair might be an additional $.50.
· Rentals may add $1,000 - $3,000.
· Jonkers Garden and Landscape Design may rent live greenery.

Have a cell phone available.
· There are no public phones.

Fluorescent lights light the boat shed. They cannot be dimmed. We suggest using White Christmas lights (string lights) for soft lighting
· Note what time the sun will set on the day of your event.
· You can rent lampposts and use string lighting.
·Open Flame Candles are not allowed

If you need something suspended from the ceiling you have to hire us to do that for you.
· If you want the boats moved we will also do that for a fee.
· You may use balloons.
· You may throw rice, birdseed etc.
· Please talk to your Eldean Shipyard contact if you have further questions. There is the potential for any party to be a memorable success!

There is NO SMOKING inside any building. There is NO SMOKING outside if you are within 25 feet from any Door or Window. This is an Ottawa County Regulation. Click Here for more info on the smoking policy.

-Click here for the Rental Policy and Agreement



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