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Wade and Kris Eldean
Wade and Kris Eldean
Pat, Rog, Herb, and Wade Eldean

A Family Business!

The Eldean Family Tree…
Many of our new customers may not know that this truly is a family business.

A brief Family Tree: Herb and Roger Eldean are sons of Vivian and Herb Eldean. Herb Eldean Sr. was the long time Federal Harbor Master in Chicago. Herb and Roger purchased Eldean Shipyard in 1973. Wade Eldean (Eldean’s Marketing Aficionado) is the son of Herb and Pat (the owner/manager of the Piper). Matt Eldean (Eldean’s Service Manager) is Roger’s son. Roger’s wife, Carol Eldean, is our Party Guru. Ryan Eldean (shipstore crew) is the son of Wade and Kris Eldean (party and pool crew). Tyson Weevers and Justin Genzink are both cousins of Kris Eldean and have worked in the shipstore for several summers.

There are a few more Eldean’s around, but, this is the group that you will be seeing day-to-day this summer.

Our Vision:

We will create and promote a boating environment where our customers are literally compelled, by virtue of our actions to have the utmost fun and enjoyment with their boats.  Everything we do is dedicated to this singular objective and we will not rest until we are assured that our customers are delighted with their boating experience.  We will communicate our vision to the boating industry through the exceptional quality of services that we provide at Eldean Shipyard.


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